Professional Disclosure Statement

North Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor
National Board Certified Counselor


Thank you for choosing Sunrise Counseling Services. This statement is intended to inform you of services offered, theoretical approaches used and expectations for confidentiality and nature of the counselor/client relationship.


Christie Allen believes in taking a supportive and educative approach to counseling and gives empathy and respect to all clients. Her approach is based on Dr. Carl Rogers’ “person-centered counseling.” She also uses techniques from cognitive and behavioral counseling theories.

The productivity of client sessions is dependent on one’s willingness to actively participate and be honest in the expression of thoughts and feelings. In early sessions, Christie will work with the client to develop a plan of action with specified issue(s) for therapy focus and ways to resolve these issues. Progress will be evaluated on a regular basis, and alterations to the plan of action will be made as necessary. Patients are encouraged to let Christie know of any concerns they have regarding progress and addressing specified issues and goals. Assessment questionnaires or written surveys may need to be completed periodically to help clients better understand themselves and keep counseling services moving in the appropriate direction.

Christie does not take clients who, based on her professional opinion, she does not feel equipped to help through the techniques she uses. She enters each counseling relationship with optimism and a sincere desire to help clients work to achieving their goals.


Allen has an ethical obligation to treat disclosures made to her during counseling sessions with great respect. She uses the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in diagnosis, if such a classification is appropriate, and this diagnosis will become a part of the client’s confidential file. Anything revealed in client sessions will remain completely confidential and will be not be shared without the client’s full knowledge and express written permission unless it falls in one of the three categories that follow. Circumstances that require a breach in confidentiality are: Christie feels certain that a client intends to harm themself or another person, (2) when a judge orders her to release information and (3) when she suspects child abuse or elder abuse. She is committed to always act in the best interest of her client.


Although extremely personal information may be shared and discussed during counseling sessions, it is important to remember that Christie’s relationship with a client is of a professional nature. Time with her is limited to sessions made by appointment, and these sessions will be focused on client goals and working to achieve them.